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Our Mobile Apps

Here is a selection of our iPhone mobile applications. While we work a lot on guide apps for Fringe Festivals around the globe, we also feature an addictive game (SwapTile) and a tool for pilots (HoldCalcPro) looking to make the perfect holding pattern!

Fringe King!




FringeKing and its cousin apps, FreeFestival, LH @ Brighton Fringe, Atlanta Fringe allow users to find shows at theater and comedy festivals around the globe. The "On Now / Near Me" feature gives theater-goers the ability to see what is happening in the next hour around the corner from their current position!


Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Like its cousin, FringeKing, the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival or "Free Festival" for short, lets users find FREE or PAY WHAT YOU CAN shows all around Edinburgh at the largest theater and comedy festival in the world. If you're in Edinburgh in August, the Laughing Horse Free Festival app will be your best friend!

Free Festival!
Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch Series 7 - 45mm - 2021-11-22 at 10.41.07.png



Game. Tunes. No ads. Simple.

A simple and enjoyable puzzle game.



HoldCalcPro calculates the precise headings and times required to perform the proper holding pattern entry procedure, and holding pattern, without the guess-and-check of "bracketing" the outbound time and heading. Roll out on course, every time, and devote your attention to something other than making the perfect holding pattern!

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) - 2021-09-01 at 17.00.32.png
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